“Lands Apart, Sky Shared”: A Friendship between CRRC Enterprises and Japanese Company

Date:2020-03-14 Author: Source:

On March 12, CRRC Qishuyan Research Institute received a letter from Japan's KYB Co., Ltd. The letter said—

At present, Japan is affected by the spread of COVID-19 infection, and the shortage of masks is worsening. The masks you gave us solve our urgent need and we will use them where they are most needed.

A week ago, it was learned from Changzhou KYB-LEADRUN Vibration Reduction Technology Co., Ltd, a joint venture between CRRC Qishuyan Research Institute and Japan's KYB Co., Ltd., that the Japanese parent company was in short supply of epidemic prevention materials due to the epidemic.  KYB-LEADRUN contacted Qishuyan Research Institute for feedback at the first moment.

After learning the news, all departments of Qishuyan Research Institute worked together to allocate resources in an urgent manner. On March 6, 15,000 protective masks were packaged and sent to Japan. These kindly feelings from China arrived in Japan on March 10.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 epidemic, Qishuyan Research Institute and KYB Co., Ltd. have worked with arms linked to weather the rough times. On February 15, when China's epidemic prevention situation was grim, KYB Co., Ltd. mobilized its local and foreign resources, and transported 10,000 masks to Changzhou to help Qishuyan Research Institute tide over the difficulties.

At present, Qishuyan Research Institute and its various subsidiaries such as KYB-LEADRUN have fully resumed work and production and restored normal operation order. At the same time, we are also concerned about our partners.

In a letter sent along with the 15,000 masks, Wang Wenhu, General Manager of CRRC Qishuyan Research Institute, wrote:

Snow melts in the Liaohe River and flowers bloom in Toyama; of the same breath and from joint branches, we hope together for the spring to come soon. As long as we are in the same boat and tide over the difficulties together, we will certainly be able to win this war of prevention and control of the epidemic.

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