The self-developed automatic tamping system of TEC was successfully loaded and put into operation!


The automatic tamping system of DC-32 tamping wagon developed by Time Electronics company of CRRC Times Electric(TEC) has successfully completed the first set of vehicles in Harbin Bureau and entered the operation assessment stage.

Tamping wagon is a kind of large track maintenance machinery, which is suitable for the construction of new railway lines, the cleaning operation of large and medium-sized maintenance of existing lines, and the maintenance of operation lines. It can automatically level the track, start and move the track, tamp the ballast, improve the compactness of ballast, increase the stability of track, eliminate the direction deviation of track, left and right horizontal deviation, front and rear The high and low deviation makes the track line meet the requirements of line design standards and line maintenance rules, so as to ensure the safe operation of the train.

TEC’s automatic tamping system can add a set of automatic operation auxiliary equipment without changing the structure and function of the original electrical system, which can identify the edge of the sleeper and track foreign matters, realize the automatic positioning of tamping head, automatic pick removal and automatic operation, avoid the sleeper damage caused by unfamiliar manual operation, and greatly reduce the workload of field operators. At present, DC-32, DCL-32, DWL-48, CDC-16 and other tamping vehicles have demand for automatic tamping system. Based on the current number of tamping vehicles in the whole road, it is expected that it will become a large increment in the technical transformation market in the future.

This year, by visiting customers, the Times Electronics increased the promotion of products such as automatic tamping, flaw detection, inspection, tunnel inspection, 3D scanning, etc., and carried out technical cooperation in the form of joint project establishment, effectively solved the pain points and difficult problems of customers, and realized the technical transformation projects of CDC-16 turnout tamping vehicle turnout operation protection system and engineering vehicle foreign matter falling off detection system to ground.

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