China’s first double-decker high-speed train exporting to Europe rolls off the line


Recently, witnessed by guests from China and Austria, China’s first double-decker high-speed train for export to Europe rolled off the line at CRRC Zhuzhou Institute Co., Ltd. The double-decker train independently developed by China meets the TSI (Technical Specification for Interoperability) standards with a maximum operating speed of 200km/h, and will be used on the railways of five countries including Austria, Germany and Hungary.

The double-decker train does not only have a nice exterior, but is also technically sophisticated, featuring large passenger capacity, flexible carriage formation, safety and reliability, and intelligence and comfort. The train adopts the basic format of six carriages. There are seats for 571 passengers, and the maximum capacity is 1280, increasing the capacity by 30%-35% compared with the single-decker train, and effectively alleviating the transport capacity shortage of the busy railways in Europe.

The train is capable of fast switching between different power supply modes and different functional requirements. Meanwhile, it is equipped with multiple signal systems to meet the interoperability needs of railways in Europe. The train adopts aluminum alloy bodywork with an integral support structure of strong anti-collision performance, and can satisfy the safety system standards of Europe.

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