The sixth bayberry Carnival held by electric semiconductor company


In order to celebrate the centennial of the founding of the party, enrich the cultural life of the staff, enhance the cohesion of the team, and help achieve the business objectives, on June 20, the semiconductor company held the bayberry Carnival activity of "Celebrating the centennial and creating a new chapter in business". Relevant persons in charge of the trade union of Zhuzhou Institute, members of the home management team of semiconductor company, and more than 500 employees and their families participated in the activity.

At the beginning of the event, Huang Rong, general manager of semiconductor company, made a speech. She said that the company is not only a battlefield for hard work, but also a warm harbor for physical and mental pleasure. I hope you can combine work and rest, relax and enjoy the warm parent-child time, and devote yourself to your future work with more enthusiasm.

"Myrica rubra can quench thirst, harmonize the five zang organs, cleanse the intestines and stomach, and eliminate irritating and evil Qi". It is a good product for promoting body fluid and benefiting the body. The 46 Myrica rubra trees planted by the predecessors of semiconductor company in IGBT park are full of fruits at this time. The fruits on the trees are "big, good color and good taste", which are deeply loved by the majority of employees. This year's activities coincide with father's day, and the family members of employees are specially invited to participate in the activities. The park is full of fruit fragrance, the music is clear and gentle, and the children's voice is full of joy. In addition to the interactive games such as "happy hoop" and "fun shuttlecock kicking" and the music and dance performances of self-made, self arranged and self performed, there are also homemade bayberry juice and various summer food, which are delicious, fun and good-looking! In order to ensure the safety and order of Bayberry picking, the team leader led each detachment to pick bayberry in five areas. With poles and baskets, colleagues tasted and loaded bayberry while picking, feeling the joy of harvest. Of course, the most interesting part is the tug of war competition in which eight teams compete fiercely. The spirit of fighting for honor is the embodiment of semiconductor people's spirit of unity and never admit defeat.

This activity is not only a summer Limited red bayberry feast, but also an important carrier to enhance team cohesion, show corporate culture and staff style. With ten years of unremitting efforts, semiconductor group has created a characteristic group building brand with temperature and strength today, and has also created a thriving power semiconductor industry. Semiconductor people should never forget their original intention, keep in mind the mission, work hard for the company's production and operation, and contribute to the rise of SMIC.

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