36 hours to complete a station! Platform door coming from the assembly line


Recently, the integrated modular pre assembly automatic installation technology of platform doors independently developed by Ningbo CRRC Times and Ningbo Rail Transit group, a subsidiary of CRRC Times Electric, has been successfully applied in Ningbo line 5, realizing a 36 hour one stop!

In order to solve the problems faced by traditional platform doors, such as difficult stacking of materials on the installation site, difficult management of installation process, difficult control of installation quality, large number of construction workers, high labor cost and long construction period, etc., Times Electric independently developed the integrated modular pre assembly automatic installation technology of platform doors.

The technology takes the full height closed platform door as the research carrier, divides each unit platform door into independent modules (integrated framework, door body, door machine, top box and platform electrical components), and completes assembly, wiring, wiring and single debugging in the factory. It is delivered to the site in the form of unit number and automatically transferred to the station through the installation equipment. Only 18 bolts are needed to complete the module installation. Only the upper sealing plate, telescopic rubber and upper cover plate bulk materials (about 1 / 30 of the traditional platform door installation bulk materials) in the module area are left for subsequent closing installation.

Automatic installation technology of platform door integrated modular pre assembly

The technology has the advantages of less external necking, strong interchangeability, high reuse rate of the project, and high production efficiency of module assembly through the production of positioning position apparatus in the factory. The pre assembly technology turns the rough management of the site into the fine management of the factory. The overall quality of the platform door is improved in order of magnitude, and the quality is more traceable.

The whole modular pre assembly of Ningbo Times platform door is to realize the installation of full height closed platform module unit through track side automation equipment; It takes only 20 minutes to lift the product from the equipment and move it to the designated position. Combined with the overall module structure, the whole module closed installation is completed, which shortens the construction period by more than 85% compared with the traditional installation method (each door unit is installed 180 minutes), and truly realizes the rapid installation;

At the same time, due to the use of automation equipment, the whole line can be equipped with 2 people to operate automation equipment, 4 people to benchmark, screw bolts, and install small materials, while the traditional whole line can be installed by more than 60 people.

The configuration of platform door automation equipment greatly liberates labor force, reduces labor intensity and improves construction safety. If the double side and double working face operation of the multiple unit vehicle is adopted, the installation speed will be doubled, which will overturn the traditional building block installation method of the whole platform door, and truly realize the factory assembly line production of engineering project products. At the same time, the product quality control is transferred from the project site to the factory, which greatly improves the product quality and reliability, and also brings a perfect solution for the platform door installation market.

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