Guangzhou metro sets the fastest test run record in China


Recently, in the step-by-step speed-up test of Guangzhou metro line 18, the metro train "vitality orange" made by CRRC has run at a speed of 176km / h, breaking the highest speed record of domestic metro test run. The train is equipped with traction converter and network control system independently developed by CRRC Times Electric.

The purpose of the step-by-step speed raising test of Guangzhou Metro is to test the system function, dynamic performance and system state within the specified speed range according to the design and relevant technical standards, study and judge the speed reaching conditions of the line, and comprehensively test the stability of the operation of the power supply system, vehicle system and track system of the metro, so as to better ensure the driving safety.

During the step-by-step speed increase period, the electric bus made a round-trip test at 7 speed levels from Panyu Square to Hengfan No.3 air shaft. The running speed of the train increased from 80km / h to 160km / h step by step, and finally reached 176km / h, reaching 110% of the design speed of the project, which verified the safety margin of the project!

This line is the first full underground 160 km / h subway line in China, including line 22, which adopts 8-group City D-type vehicles. It has the characteristics of high speed, large passenger capacity, fast start stop, fast boarding and alighting, etc., meeting the travel needs of urban life circle. The line is the first fully underground urban rail transit line with new rigid catenary in China. It starts from Wanqingsha in the South and ends at Guangzhou east railway station in the north. In the future, it will reach the main urban area of Guangzhou from Nansha free trade zone within 30 minutes. It is also expected to extend to the north and south respectively and become an important rail transit hub line in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao Bay area.

According to the on-site inspection data of China Railway Research Institute Group Co., Ltd., during the train test run, the wheel rail relationship and pantograph catenary relationship all meet the requirements of industry specifications, among which the indexes of vehicle stability, track quality index and catenary ride comfort are at the leading level in China.

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