Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party committee and his party visit for investigation


On the afternoon of February 24, Huang Qin, Secretary of Wuxi Municipal Party committee, Zhu Aixun, Ding Sihai and Gao Yaguang, city leaders, Wu Jianyuan, Fang Li, Cao Wenbin and Yu Jie, district leaders, and their party went to Wuxi CRRC Hofer powertrain Co., Ltd. for investigation. Shang Jing, general manager of CRRC times electric, and Yu Kang, deputy general manager of CRRC times electric and general manager of CRRC Hofer, accompanied the investigation.

The leaders of Huang Qin and his party first had a detailed understanding of the company's basic situation, business positioning, strategic planning, and other contents, and went to the test center for on-the-spot visit, inspected the laboratory and test bench, and made detailed inquiries about the products being tested, and spoke highly of the construction of the test center. "The test center has a complete R & D test system at the component assembly system level, which can meet the function, performance, environment, reliability test of electric drive system and subsystem, as well as the EMC test of NVH, vehicle and parts. It has the industry-class test equipment, which can escort the product development. CRRC Hoffer will speed up the construction of a resource sharing test center, "Yu Kang said.

Then, Huang Qin and his party went to the operation center, listened to the company's scientific research investment and product development introduction, and conducted on-site investigation on the workshop, made in-depth understanding of the on-site production line, and encouraged CRRC Hoffer to speed up the construction of the company's core competitiveness, do a solid job in mass production of products, and drive the rapid development of green transportation and green energy. Wuxi Municipal Party committee and government will continue to give full support to the work of Wuxi CRRC Hofer and provide good services for the enterprises.

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