Times electric helps Wuxi metro vehicle signal debugging run "acceleration"!


Wuxi Metro Line 4 is a strategic key project of times electric to deeply cultivate the East China market. The signal system engineering project team of Wuxi Metro Line 4 (hereinafter referred to as "line 4 project team") actively responded to the constraints of on-site train signal adjustment site and other issues. In order to ensure the project duration, spare no effort to build a high-quality project, the "temporary test line scheme" was implemented. Metro Line 4 test line equipment is installed on the test line of Shuofang depot of Wuxi Metro Line 3 for temporary vehicle signal debugging of Metro Line 4.

After the implementation of the scheme, in less than two months, the project team of line 4 "all staff" completed the construction of the temporary test line with high quality under the cooperation of Wuxi metro construction company, and officially started the signal commissioning of the first train of line 4 on January 26 this year.

Due to the tight construction period, heavy tasks and the critical period of epidemic prevention and control, in order to accelerate the project construction and maximize the realization of the project opening goal as soon as possible, the team members "give up their small families and take care of everyone", stick to their posts, celebrate the new year in different places, and work overtime during the Spring Festival to carry out the installation and commissioning of signal equipment. Up to now, the overall progress of the signal system engineering project of line 4 is normal, which helps the signal EMU debugging of Wuxi Metro run out of "acceleration" and advance in the year of the ox

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