"Cyan & Blue Plan" for the reserve management talents of Times Electric starts


The "Cyan & Blue Plan" for the reserve management talents of Times Electric closely centers on the strategic layout of smart electric 2023 project, takes industrial development as the platform, cadre echelon construction as the traction, certification and innovation as the opportunity, and leadership projects as the carrier to build a talent supply chain, discover and cultivate a new batch of high potential and high value reserve management talents, and continuously deepen the construction of the talent driven team.

From January to February this year, the human resources department organized the selection of Time Electric's reserve management talents. This selection plan is based on the existing "cadre talent echelon model" of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute, and combined with the strategic planning of Time Electric, as well as the interview and research of the company's senior executives and benchmark employees to determine the company's talent selection and evaluation standards. At the same time, with the help of the innovative way of combining internal and external high-quality resources, we analyzed the industrial development arguments of the company's industry leaders and expert evaluation team, and invited Professor Ma Yueru of Central South University to observe the professional evaluation of the doctoral team.

In 2021, the reserve management personnel will be expanded to 200. Through the first round of written examination, professional evaluation, the second round of professional interview and practical exercise, combined with the comprehensive results of the two rounds of assessment, 100 reserve middle forces from various business fields will finally enter the reserve echelon of reserve management talents.

Through the " Cyan & Blue Plan" of Times Electric reserve talents, the company establishes clear and standardized competency standards, selects excellent reserve talents, and identifies the advantages and disadvantages of existing talents. Also based on this, the development of targeted training and promotion plan, for the Times Electric business development to solve the current cadre selection and appointment problems, for the company's strategic implementation to provide talent echelon construction and talent support, to ensure the stable, sustainable, and healthy development of the organization.

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