Final of the second lean R & D competition of Times Electric


In order to meet the company's development requirements, promote the popularization and deepening of lean R & D concepts and methods, enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products and customer satisfaction, and guide all electrical youth to build contributions and create efficiency based on their posts, the Times Electric Youth League Committee and the quality management department of the company specially hold the second "lean R & D, benefit from improvement" lean R & D design competition. The final of the competition officially opened on February 8 in the academic lecture hall on the third floor of time science and technology building.

The competition was launched in November 2020. Young people from all business units fully carry forward the spirit of precise R & D, continuous improvement, overcoming difficulties, innovation and collaboration, and practice the method of lean R & D. After the primary selection, improvement and multiple rounds of evaluation of more than 30 collection schemes, a total of 11 excellent lean R & D schemes were shortlisted for the final results release.

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