Training story about the friendship between LUREENer with Singapore customers


In January 2020, on the eve of the Spring Festival, Liu Shipei, an overseas service engineer of Times Electric after-sales service center, went to Singapore to train the customers on the system of Singapore metro engineering vehicle. It is precisely because of this training experience that he gained a lot of sincere friendship between teacher and students in a foreign country. The collision of ideas in the training process also deepened his deep understanding of vehicle system.

This is not the first time that Liu Shipei has conducted systematic training for overseas customers. Before that, he has also conducted training for customers of Malaysia Anbang line and HMU DMUs. Summing up the experience is: you never know what kind of questions the customer will ask next, so before the training, you must make sufficient preparations, including a comprehensive understanding of the vehicle system and careful polishing of the training courseware. Before the training, you have revised the courseware for countless times.

At the beginning of the class, he was always called Teacher Liu by the students. Liu Shipei was a little bit uncomfortable, because most of the students were older than him. He said shyly, "you could call me Mr Liu. We are lucky to learn from each other together. There are more things for me to learn from you." The training course has always been carried out in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, and the trainees listen very carefully. Most of Mr Liu's questions can be answered on the spot in class. Of course, sometimes there are problems that can't be answered. Liu Shipei will write down the questions and consult the relevant information after class to ensure that he can answer them in the next class. Each training course is not only to accumulate vehicle system knowledge for the trainees, but also indirectly help Liu Shipei to find out and fill in the gaps, organize and connect the scattered knowledge in his head through training, and then form a complete understanding.

After the completion of the theoretical part of the training, it is the vehicle operation part of the training. Although the trainees often contact with the engineering vehicle, they know little about the internal subdivision parts. When Liu Shipei explained the functions of each part in the car, the eyes of the customer trainees were full of curiosity. In order to live up to their learning enthusiasm, Liu Shipei spoke very carefully in the practical class, and also shared the knowledge and experience he learned in the process of after-sales service. Compared with the understanding of the system knowledge, the students are more interested in the practical part of the content, leading to serious delay. Foreign students, who are always strict with the meal time card, are still surrounded by Mr Liu to answer their questions. Liu Shipei's heart was full of happiness. At that time, he understood why many teachers could teach and educate people in the barren land for decades, and even devote their whole youth and life to teaching. The students' passion for learning may be the driving force for them to move forward.

After the training, Liu Shipei and the customer trainees often keep in touch, and will share with each other the problems they encounter in their work, as well as the interesting things and insights they encounter in their life. At this moment, Liu Shipei is no longer a lecturer, and the client is no longer a student of Mr Liu. They are now lecturers and students of each other, and they are more like old friends and classmates who help each other.

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