Small device, big power! TEC core devices help China's UHV technology win the highest honor


The Sixth China Industrial award, the highest award in China's industrial field approved by the State Council, was solemnly announced in Beijing!

State Grid Brazil Belo Monte UHV power transmission phase II project, which is 100% loaded with CRRC semiconductor power devices, won the China Industrial award. China's first overseas industrial project won the award!

In May 2017, the high voltage and high current thyristor (3200A / 8500v) developed by Times semiconductor, a subsidiary of CRRC Times Electric (TEC), won the bid for the State Grid Brazil Belo Monte UHVDC transmission project. In the early stage of technical and business negotiations, time electric products competed with foreign products on the same stage. In a single project, they won the bid, and all of them received and sent converter valves at both ends, with a project share of 100%.

The project is the first UHVDC transmission project that China has participated in overseas investment, construction, operation and other aspects. A large number of Chinese standards have been adopted in the project. Time electric is the first to use its independently developed 5-inch 8500v high-power thyristor. This technology saves about 20% of the device consumption of the whole project, making the converter valve smaller, lighter and lower cost.

CRRC TEC has been focusing on the field of power transmission and distribution for many years. As early as 2006, it has developed a commercial 6-inch thyristor (5000A / 8500v). On this basis, in order to meet customers' demand for different capacity of device selection and constantly enrich products, it has developed 5 -, 6 -, and 7-inch high-voltage high current thyristors based on full crimping technology. According to customers' demand, it designs and matches various heat dissipation devices and devices Up to now, more than 100000 devices have been successfully applied in power grid projects and run well. At the same time, the 12MeV electron irradiation linac with high control precision can optimize the matching and coordination relationship of various parameters of the device, and ensure the high reliability of the high voltage series parallel application of the device.

With reliable product quality, TEC has provided thyristor products for 23 UHVDC transmission projects at home and abroad. It provides support for the upgrading of China's UHV technology level and international competitiveness. In the future, TEC will also be committed to becoming the world's preferred supplier of high current power devices!

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