Fuxing CR400AF-G high speed EMU comes on stage with glittering appearance


Fuxing CR400AF-G high-speed EMU is equipped with core systems such as electric network control system and traction system of CRRC Times Electric. It can operate normally under - 40 ℃ alpine conditions and has the ability of resisting wind, sand, rain, snow, fog, ultraviolet and other adverse weather!

Based on the 350 km / h platform of Fuxing EMU, Fuxing EMU electrical system development project is a new EMU product project optimized and upgraded to improve the adaptability of EMU to low temperature environment and expand the company's market of high cold EMU. The project adopts forward design, and systematically combs and analyzes the application of traction, network, charger, external power box and other components. In order to optimize the selection and design of devices that do not meet the requirements of application conditions. At the same time, the typical operation problems of CRH2G, CRH5G, CRH380BG, CR400BF-G and other domestic Alpine EMUs are collected, and targeted analysis and improvement are carried out. Compared with the existing CRH2G products of the company, it can meet the operation requirements of - 40 ℃ start-up and operation without heat tracing device.

The successful development of Alpine EMU products has expanded the product spectrum of Times Electric Fuxing EMU and laid a good foundation for further expanding the company's business!

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